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Crystallise is a lighted mural comprising of multi-coloured triangular and quadrilateral forms. The installation appears to as a mosaic, but encourages viewers to come close through displaying randomly generated colours and patterns. As they come into close proximity with the mural, sections of the canvas fade, leaving behind only a pair of wings.
Our main inspiration was Colette Miller’s angel wings murals, which were exhibited as street art in Sydney (Australia), Los Angeles (United States), Juarez (Mexico), Nairobi (Kenya) and many other locations. To Miller, the wings “represent our inner angel” and remind individuals of the pure and good part of the human condition that emerges even as individuals experience trauma and guilt in their lives. The wings’ embodiment of the human spirit challenges individuals to consider their choices as humanity and work towards a greater good.
We extend Miller’s artwork to different spectrums of humanity, and the idea that everyone has secrets or hidden truths. By having different lighting patterns on the artwork and hiding the pair of wings until observers come in close proximity, the installation allows people to fulfil their desire to find truths within themselves and recognise and cherish their differences.